Selling 3 Females in the ABHA Southern Classic Sale, April 18th
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Iron Miles 515 ET
Iron Miles 515 ET Our newest Black Hereford sire.

Full Throttle daughter
The newest Iron Lake Ranch F1 donor, a Full Throttle daughter.

This 719T out of Angus cow Miss Jack 1717 is the prime example of the F1 Female that we are focused on producing. Females like her will work in any environment, be it a commercial ranching operation or a purebred Black Hereford program, our registered F1’s give you the functionality, performance and phenotype that the real cattleman seeks.

Sensation Daughter
Just added to our F1/Black program is this powerful sensation daughter from Stuber Ranch. Bowman, ND.

Revolution X Bismark
Revolution 4R x KCF Miss Wrangler X202 (left) and Bismark x Ehlke Shirley U823 (right)

ILR Lady Cowboy 517 ET
ILR Lady Cowboy 517 ET (F20150075)
Sold to Caroll Dewrell.